Allegiant Movie Changes-New Names

So MTV revealed an exclusive yesterday afternoon that Allegiant pt. 1 and Allegiant pt. 2 will be no more (there will still be two movies, but with different names).  The first movie will be called Allegiant while the second will be called Ascendant.

This came as a bit of a surprise and shock to fans after not hearing any news about Allegiant in months.  And suddenly the 2nd movie’s name is changed to a title that isn’t even a part of the book series…which is kind of strange because all of the successful YA book-to-movie adaptations in the past have all followed the scheme of the final book title plus pt. 1 and pt. 2 following the title.

Take a look at the poster for Allegiant and Ascendant below.




Personally, I’m a little curious and excited and maybe more nervous if I’m being totally honest.   I do love the look of the new posters, but I’m skeptical about the changes that are being made.  I loved the Divergent movie.  Insurgent was different. While I liked it, I felt like it was lacking something that made Divergent so special.  I appreciate the effort they made to make it a bigger and bolder movie, but at the same time, I feel like it lost itself a little along the way.  Also, is the tagline for Ascendant trying to be ironic or?  I am one of the few who didn’t hate the ending so I really hope they do not make changes to that.  At this point, the best perspective to take is just “wait and see.”  I really hope any changes they make are for the betterment of the story and not just a money grab.

To hear Veronica Roth’s thoughts on the changes, head over to her tumblr post here –> Fourth Movie Title Change


First Insurgent TV Spot

The first official Insurgent TV spot just aired during the Grammy’s. Check back during The Walking Dead mid season premiere to see the spot again. So happy to see some plot and FourTris in this TV spot. Cannot wait to see more!

First Insurgent tv spot

Fandom Unite Tomorrow-Insurgent

The official Divergent account announced that tomorrow, February 5th, certain Divergent fandom blogs will be revealing Insurgent exclusives starting at 1:00pm EST and continue throughout the evening.

Check the schedule listed here to keep up with what accounts will be posting the exclusives and when.

Can’t wait to see what these blogs/fansites have in store!