Final Insurgent Trailer

A little late to the party on posting this, but here is the final Insurgent trailer!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the music that they have chosen for the trailer. It has a very ominous feeling with the lyrics providing a little bit of irony for the Divergent world. I’m glad we are getting snippets of new scenes (little Candor girl) while not revealing too much. The last few trailers have really shown fans that they have actually included a lot of source material from the book…some of it may be tweaked a little but it is in there.

The only question I have is, why is this trailer so short? Usually full length trailers run for a little over 2 minutes, but all the Insurgent trailers we have gotten are barely over a minute. Weird.

Also, make sure you head over to Fandango to buy your tickets!  You can get a free download of the first Divergent movie for purchasing tickets within the first 24 hours.

***Music from this Insurgent trailer is “What a Wonderful World” by Joseph Williams Morgan


Insurgent Tickets + Final Trailer

Tickets for Insurgent officially go on sale tomorrow (in the US)….let’s make it our goal to outsale Divergent!  Plus, if you purchase tickets within the first 24 hrs. you get a free download of the first Divergent movie.

Along with that news, the official Divergent accounts also announced that the final Insurgent theatrical trailer will drop tomorrow. 

It’s getting closer to March 20! 

Insurgent Trailer-“Fight Back”

After about 7 1/2 hours of tweeting #MoreFOUR yesterday, the Divergent fandom unlocked an exclusive trailer titled “Fight Back.” The trailer features #MoreFOUR, obviously, but also takes a deeper look at Tris’ emotional journey.  Bonus-lots of FourTris goodies!

Click the YouTube link here to watch –> Insurgent Trailer “Fight Back”

Or watch below….

I was really hoping that the next trailer that we got would focus more on Tris’ emotional journey and her relationship with Four, and this trailer showcases that really well. The footage we have gotten so far has focused primarily on the action and simulations. While those are an important part of the story, I feel like Tris’ struggle should take the forefront of the movie.