Shailene and Theo on the Today Show


Shailene and Theo were on the Today Show today.  They answer some questions about filming Insurgent and play a Newlywedfriend Game.

Watch the interview here: Today Show with Shailene and Theo


Insurgent Press Junket Master Post (Pictures)

The Insurgent Press Junket will be happening this weekend.  They had a press conference this morning (guys up first and then the ladies).  I’ve never seen them do it like before but okay.  Here are a few snaps so far from the junket and interviews today.  I will continue to update this post when more pics/interviews surface.

AccessHollywood Instagram


Mandeville Films on Twitter


Veronica Roth (not sure where this pic came from)


Octavia Spencer via kylieericamar (Made in Hollywood) via her instagram

B_cJITCWAAExVbp@CineMovie on Twitter: “Shailene was fearful of crazy, bad wedgie during stunt hanging off side of building.”

B_cL2fmUwAAd8NcDave Karger from Fandango: Theo and Shai playing the Newly Friend Game


via @ScottCarty on Twitter



Google Live Stream with Shai and Theo

The Google Live Stream with Shai and Theo was yesterday.  If you missed it, you can watch it below!

Also, remember today is the press junket for Insurgent so there should be more interviews/pics coming today.  I will try to update the blog with a master post later, so keep a look out.


Insurgent Fan Day Reminder

Just a reminder that today is Insurgent Fan Day!  Take a look at the schedule to see when some of our favorite cast members will be answering your questions.


Here is the YouTube link for the Google Live Stream that Shai and Theo will be participating in.  The link will go live once they start the chat —>


Tris and Christina Reunite-New Insurgent Clip

Zoe Kravitz was on Jimmy Fallon last night promoting Insurgent.  She brought with her a clip showing Christina and Tris reuniting for the first time since getting separated at the end of Divergent.  Christina asks Tris if she’s heard from Will 😦

Click the link here to view the clip –> Christina and Tris Reunite