New Clip-Tris and Four Interrogate Eric

MTV released a new clip where Four interrogates Eric.  It looks like like is after Eric leads the raid on Candor headquarters. Watch below.


Tris and Christina Reunite-New Insurgent Clip

Zoe Kravitz was on Jimmy Fallon last night promoting Insurgent.  She brought with her a clip showing Christina and Tris reuniting for the first time since getting separated at the end of Divergent.  Christina asks Tris if she’s heard from Will 😦

Click the link here to view the clip –> Christina and Tris Reunite 

New Insurgent Clip-Ansel on Kathie Lee and Hoda

There was a new Insurgent clip debuted on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda when Ansel visited this morning. The clip shows Caleb telling Tris and Four he will not be joining them on their journey to Candor headquarters.  Watch the clip below.


Insurgent Clip-Max and Eric Visit Amity

Mekhi Phifer was on Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning to promote Insurgent. At the beginning of the interview, they feature a new clip of Max and Eric visiting Amity and confronting Johanna.

Credit to @acciocaleb on Twitter for the link


New Insurgent Clip-Refuge in Amity

A new clip has been released today in honor of #FandomFriday.  The new clip depicts a conniving Peter as he teases Tris about her new haircut. Four is not having any of it. The clip also features Caleb, standing there doing nothing as usual. lol

Clip courtesy of ColliderFrosty on Twitter and ColliderVideos on YouTube