Bill Skarsgard in negotiations to join “Allegiant”

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Hemlock Grove’s Bill Skarsgard is in negotiations to join Allegiant.  Based on a snippet from the article saying that Skarsgard is expected to share scenes with Jeff Daniels, I’m assuming he will play Matthew.

Read the full article here on The Wrap


Jeff Daniels cast as David in Allegiant pt. 1 and 2


It appears that Jeff Daniels has signed on the play the role of David in Allegiant pt. 1 and 2.  The story came out yesterday courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter (read full report here).

David plays the leader of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare…a very prominent hated character in the last novel of the Divergent series.

Allegiant pt. 1 starts filming on May 18 in Atlanta. We should be getting more casting updates as filming draws closer.

Best Hero-MTV


The MTV Movie Awards are Sunday, April 12th and MTV has decided to bring back the Best Hero competition.  This is a category voted on by hashtags on Twitter, Vine, and Instagram.  Tris is in the running again (she won last year in a showdown against Katniss).

Make sure to vote by clicking on this link Best Hero or by hash-tagging your Instagrams, Vines, and Tweets with #VoteTrisMTV

Tris is currently behind Dylan O’Brien’s character, Thomas, for the Maze Runner.  She is also up against Katniss, Bilbo Baggins, and Star-Lord.  She won last year, let’s make sure she does it again this year!

***Remember just commenting #VoteTrisMTV on other’s pictures will not count.  You have to use the hashtag on your own post.

What is this website about? And INSURGENT TEASER!

During the Divergent promo, I noticed there was no fandom website that had all the clips, interviews, photoshoots, tv appearances, etc. in one place.  There were plenty of Divergent related sites posting things, but no one seemed to have everything.  I was actually out of the country the week leading up to the movie release and was super frustrated when I couldn’t find all the latest interviews and pictures on any one site.

Back in the day, I was a huge part of the Twilight fandom and there were two sites in particular that were ALWAYS up-to-date in all things Twilight/Rob/Kristen related.  In fact, both of these sites still exist and still continue to post new information daily.  I feel like this is a huge testament to how well they operate.

Soooo, that is what I am going to attempt with this site.  Bear with me because I have never used WordPress before, so the layout will remain simple for now.

I guess first order of business is the announcement of the full length Insurgent trailer dropping this Friday, December 12th.  Insurgent wrapped filming a few months ago, and the first official movie still announcing the trailer premiere dropped this past Friday.

via @TheDivergentSeries on youtube