NEW: Allegiant First Full Trailer and More!

The first full trailer for Allegiant debuted today.  Check it out below.

The Divergent Series also updated their website with a lot of new stills and gifs.  To see all the great new updates, click here

A new movie poster along with two new character posters (Tris and Four) also debuted.




What do you think of the posters and trailer so far?  I think we are seeing a lot of cool stuff.  I really love the posters, especially the two character posters.  The movie poster is a huge improvement over the first Insurgent movie poster in my opinion.

Obviously there are going in a more futuristic direction than the first movie…which I think has its advantages and disadvantages.  I’m really intrigued at this point to see where they divide Allegiant and Ascendent.


Allegiant Official Teaser Trailer

The news is just pouring in today.  Looks like we are getting to see some Allegiant footage earlier than expected.  Take a look below at the first official teaser trailer for Allegiant (via Divergent on Twitter).

Allegiant-First Set Interview

MTV visited the Allegiant set this summer and has now released a first look with interviews with some of the cast (and a couple bts snippets).

Check out the video below.

Allegiant First Look


First Allegiant Teaser Trailer-Tonight

The Allegiant UK Twitter just revealed some awesome news.  We will be getting a teaser trailer for Allegiant tonight!  No word on what time or where the trailer will drop just yet.  I saw rumblings last night of a possible trailer today on ET, but we will wait and see for more confirmation.

Check back here tonight for a link to the trailer.



Bill Skarsgard in negotiations to join “Allegiant”

The Weinstein Company Party In Cannes Hosted By Lexus And Chopard At Baoli Beach - Arrivals

Hemlock Grove’s Bill Skarsgard is in negotiations to join Allegiant.  Based on a snippet from the article saying that Skarsgard is expected to share scenes with Jeff Daniels, I’m assuming he will play Matthew.

Read the full article here on The Wrap