New Insurgent Trailer #2

MTV posted the new Insurgent trailer that is supposed to air in the Super Bowl pre-game show on Sunday.

Personal thoughts: They keep calling it a trailer but it only shows a simulation and is barely 1 minute long.  I was under the impression that this was going to be a new full-length trailer with new scenes.  The first peek we got of Insurgent was the teaser trailer of the simulation where Tris is trying to save her mom.  I am kind of disappointed that instead of a new full length trailer, they decided to show yet another simulation scene.  I get that the scale of this installment is supposed to be a lot larger than Divergent, but the simulations in Insurgent made up about .05% of the actual story/plot.  So I’m really confused as to why they keep pushing the simulations so much.  Fans are going to be aware of what these teasers are all about, but it is doing nothing for showcasing the story to general audience members.  I just hope that the movie isn’t too centralized and focused on the CGI.  I am just not that impressed with how some of the CGI looks at this point……

What are your thoughts?


Final Insurgent Poster and Movie/Book Tie-In Edition

MTV posted some more new Insurgent news today.  Here is a look at the final Insurgent movie poster and also the movie tie-in book edition.


Final Insurgent Poster


Movie-Book Tie-In Edition

The Divergent twitter handle also posted a cool look at the poster advertisements.


Shailene announces new Insurgent trailer to air

The Divergent Series twitter posted a video of Shailene announcing that we officially have 50 days left until Insurgent hits the big screen.  She also announced that a new Insurgent trailer will premiere this Sunday, February 1st, during the Super Bowl pre-game show.

Check out the video here: Shailene Announces New Insurgent Trailer during Super Bowl pre-game show

MTV just announced they will be showing a snippet of the new trailer tomorrow, January 29th at 12:00pm ET

New Insurgent Character Posters

Entertainment Weekly revealed some AWESOME new Insurgent character posters today.  The characters featured are Tris, Tobias, Evelyn, Jeanine, and Johanna.  There are also slogans for each character poster: “There is Hope Inside Us All,” “There is War Inside Us All,” “There is Obsession Inside Us All,” “There is Evil Inside Us All,” and “There is Peach Inside Us All.”

Here are the posters, but be sure to visit Entertainment Weekly’s website to see the animated versions. Seriously, these are amazing animated posters.






The announcement was also made that Insurgent will roll out in IMAX domestically on March 20 and internationally on March 18 (via THR)

Promo Wishlist #1

When promoting Divergent last year, a few of the cast members (including Shai and Theo) did a 3 city press tour several weeks before the movie released.  Certain cast members were sent to different cities where there was a fan photocall held. They was a mini red carpet, some fan interaction, and interviews.  While I’m not sure if they will do this for Insurgent, I’m still holding out hope.  I believe Theo is filming his new movie, The Secret Scripture, so I don’t know how involved he will be. I am really hoping he will be done by the time promo starts to start up.

Anyway….I have compiled a little wishlist of outfits for Shailene if they happen to do this kind of promotion again.  The outfits I have picked for this round are not gowns…those will be reserved for the bigger premieres (LA, London, etc.).  While picking these outfits, I gravitated more towards the darker, edgier looks.  Insurgent will have a more ominous feeling than Divergent, so I hope her outfit choices will reflect that tone.

promo1From left to right: Monique Lhuillier Pre-Fall 2015/Akris Pre-Fall 2015/Escada Pre-Fall 2015


From left to right: Emilio Pucci Pre-Fall 2015/Monique Lhuillier Pre-Fall 2015/Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2015

promo3Both looks are Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2015