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Holy action-packed trailer…I cannot get enough!

It seems to be a divide between the fans, from what I’ve seen, on what they think of this trailer.  I have been seeing a lot of, “Did I read the wrong book?  None of that was in the book!”  I am currently 80% through my re-read of Insurgent, and I can tell you that most of what is in the trailer is in the book in some form.

This is at least the 5th book-to-movie adaptation I’ve experienced in the last few years (Twilight, Vampire Academy, If I Stay, The Fault in Our Stars, Gone Girl, Divergent).  I quickly learned that the book and movie are two different mediums.  The book serves as an inspiration for the movie.  What people have to realize is that not everything, whether it be dialogue or how a scene is played out, is going to translate to screen well.  There have to be some adjustments.  And I feel like as long as you keep the integrity of the characters and the story intact, then adjustments and subtractions/additions should not hinder the overall movie.

That being said, my only concern so far is Tris’ lack of issue with holding a gun.  I can’t even remember if she picked up a gun at all in Insurgent.  Since that obviously is not going to be an issue for her in the movie, I just hope they don’t ignore her emotional guilt and distress over losing her parents and killing Will.  That struggle is kind of what drove the whole 2nd book.

Now let’s talk about the Tris/Four scene.  A debate has been going on about whether it is a simulation or not…is that a back piercing or where the wires connected to her.  To me, it makes no sense why Tris would have that type of simulation about Tobias in this book.  I guess we shall see come March!



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